Party favours.

A little something extra to make the day even more special.

No matter how big or small the party or celebration, We have you covered! 

Check out our wide selection of party favours/ bonbonnieres suitable for all occasions and ask us about customising goodies to suit your event and also creating a custom dessert table to wow your guests! 

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Our signature cupcakes come in regular size or minis.

Browse our range of signature flavours (under 'menu') and choose between our signature designs or go Luxe for that little extra touch.


Luxe designs -  Our signature cupcakes adorned with fresh flowers, macaroons and/or personalised to your liking and suited to your occasion. 
***Please note: Flowers are subject to change depending on availability

Regular Cupcakes - Available in a box of 6 or 12.
Mini Cupcakes - Available in a box of 12 or 24. 



Box of 6 
Box of 12 

Box of 12
Box of 24 

$30 / Luxe $45
$58 / Luxe $78

$40 / Luxe $69
$68 / Luxe $120

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Baked donuts iced with chocolate / white chocolate and
finished off with your choice of sprinkle/ topping.

Minimum Order of 20 

Boxed together $50 ($2.50 Each) 

Individual boxing - Clear Box Additional $2 per donut
**Additional donuts charged individually after minimum order 

fondant sugar cookies. 

Sugar cookies covered with fondant and stamped with your choice of wording

Minimum Order of 20
Individually Wrapped $72 (For 20 pieces) ($3.60 Each) 

Unwrapped $60 (For 20 pieces) ($3 Each) 

** Additional cookies charged individually after minimum order
** Additional charges apply to custom designs 

🍩Donut worry, we do donuts too.jpg
🍫🍫 Introducing our mini chocolate bars

chocolate bars.

Milk, Dark or White chocolate bars filled with your choice of dried edible flowers, freeze dried fruits and nuts.

Minimum Order of 10

Small Bars (9 squares of chocolate p/bar) - Individually wrapped $40 

Regular Bars (15 squares chocolate p/ bar) - Individually wrapped $50  

**Additional bars charged individually after minimum order 


Cake balls (Your choice of flavour) on sticks covered in Milk, Dark or White chocolate and decorated to your liking. 

Minimum Order of 15
Unwrapped $45 (For 15 cake pops) 

Individually clear wrapped $45 (For 15 cake pops) 
Themed $56 (For 15 cake pops) 
**Additional cake pops charged individually after minimum order

How cute are these apple cakepops 🍎__ #
Rose water & Strawberry gourmet marshmal


Light, fluffy and delicate gourmet marshmallow cubes. With your choice of flavour - Vanilla bean, strawberry, rosewater or pineapple. 

Minimum Order of 15 

Clear Lid boxed option: Box of two $4 p/ box ($60 for 15 boxes)
                                        Box of four $5.50 p/ box ($82.50 for 15 boxes)
Clear bag option:           Bag of two $3 p/ bag
** Additional bag/box charged individually after minimum order.